How to stain your fence/deck

Staining your fence / deck:

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from my clients once I have completed a deck or a front feature fence is "what is the best stain to use on my deck/fence", "what is the best way to apply the stain", and "how often do I need to apply the stain to ensure longer life of the product built"

i thought I would take the time out to answer all of these questions for you.

firstly let's address the question:



"what is the best stain to use on my deck or fence"?

i have always sworn by cabots stain. In my experience it is the most durable and has a great uv protection rating.

cabots have a large range of products available and I would always advise the client to ask the person at the counter which type of stain will suit the project they are staining!

if you are staining a merbau deck or fence I would recommend the merbau stain as it will enrich the red colour of the timber, however if you have had a deck or fence made out of cypris I would recommend a clear stain that will show off the knots and the natural style of the timber. 

I have found that applying a merbau stain to a cypris material will result in a blotchy effect and re-application will be required constantly to overcome this problem.



"what is the best way to apply the stain"?

if you are staining a deck I would recommend using a staining broom. These can be found at your local bunnings / masters / handyman shops. 

Be sure not to overlap the stain as it will effect the consistency of the look throughout your deck.

if you are staining a fence be sure to use a paint brush not a staining broom!!!!!

make sure that the paint brush that you use is a good quality one so that the hairs of the brush are not left in the stain on your new fence.



"how often should I apply the stain"?

this is a very simple rule!!

after the deck / fence is completed stain once then allow for it to dry.

stain a second time and allow to dry.

stain once every 12 months after the initial stain to ensure the longer life of the timber.



do not thin oil

do not use external oil indoors

do not overlap oil application 


big pros to using cabots:

it is richly pigmented helping with extra uv protection

12-18month reapplication process

scuff resistant finish designed to be walked on.


i hope that this has been some help in answering some questions in regard to staining your deck or fence. If you would like any further information, a free quote on your next deck or front feature fence, or a recommendation of acclaimed fencing approvepled deck or front feature fence painters / strainers please feel free to call Aaron on 0414909227 

Pay it forward day west park Hastings

Acclaimed fencing will be taking part in the pay it forward day in west park in Hastings on 17 November 2013. This is the first of many pay it forward days that will be taking place around the mornington peninsula. The idea was created by Kerry Sorrenson, a lady from Hastings who was prompted to try to make a change in the community and to bring back the community spirit by helping people out who need a hand. Today I will be putting down the fencing tools and mowing lawns for the west park community. Other activities involve ball pumping, bike repairs, games, face painting, and a free community BBQ. Feel free to lend a hand and show your local community that the community spirit is still alive. The working bee is from 10-1pm and is followed by a BBQ.

Carport constructed in carrum downs

This is a carport constructed earlier in 2013 in carrum downs. Acclaimed fencing offers full plans to submit to the council for council approval. We meet the requirements to pass a building inspection and not only do we build the carport frame we can also install guttering, plumbing and fit the tin roofing.

Paling fences mornington peninsula

Acclaimed fencing builds a variety of different styles of fencing on the mornington peninsula. This is an example of a paling fence that was constructed at Patterson lakes retirement village. This is the standard type of fencing at 6.4ft treated pine palings with Cypris posts rails and plinth. We use 10kg of cement in every hole and our posts go 700mm plus into the ground. We average 30mtrs of this style completely pulled down and erected in the same day.

charity work mornington peninsula

Acclaimed Fencing supports a number of places around the mornington peninsula. This is a chook pen made earlier in 2013 at Fusion in Mount Martha. Fusion houses youth in need and offer a number of support networks for the youth.

front feature fence and sliding gate

This is a front feature fence built in Parkdale in March 2013. This front feature fence was built out of cypris blanks and has a metal frame single gate and metal frame sliding gate.

front feature sliding gate

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