Paling fences mornington peninsula

Acclaimed fencing builds a variety of different styles of fencing on the mornington peninsula. This is an example of a paling fence that was constructed at Patterson lakes retirement village. This is the standard type of fencing at 6.4ft treated pine palings with Cypris posts rails and plinth. We use 10kg of cement in every hole and our posts go 700mm plus into the ground. We average 30mtrs of this style completely pulled down and erected in the same day.



Other options for a paling fence include, double plinth, single plinth, concrete posts, hardwood posts, cypris posts, lattice, 6.4foot or 5.4foot. You could expect this type of fence to last 15plus yrs and is a great investment not only for the look of your home but also for security. We space our posts out at 2.7mtr intervals and all of the rails and plinth are secured by four inch nails, and the palings are secured by galvanised fencing nails.

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